"110 degrees"  
opens at Cohn Drennan Contemporary on July 9
by Todd Camplin

An intelligently curated artists group show which will no doubt generate great
conversation by bringing together a trio of artists  out of the University of
North Texas hit factory , North Texas locals and a few out of towners.
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Timothy Harding - POW installation - 8 x 8 feet
Three artists coming out of the University of North Texas hit factory is Blayre
Stiller, Benjamin Terry, and Giovanni Valderas. These three artists  are the
testament of the quality art coming out of the Painting and Drawing
graduate program. Blayre Stiller’s work consist of realistic charcoal nudes
layered into patterns. Stiller’s issues with the body has transformed into
beautiful, falling forms interacting in dance. Her charcoal drawings of
the figures are almost photographic. Benjamin Terry takes a more
cubist approach to his figures. His paintings play with multiple self-
portrait perspectives. The paintings use  a limited muted color palate
that blands out any attempt to create  emotional content through
color. We are forced to draw our emotional  response through
the self-portrait rendered figure. A risky move with a  powerful
payoff. Giovanni Valderas is a man in battle with his mix  media
paintings. He uses paint, drawing, ripped material, to make hidden
images of his family. The sense of lost run deep in these works. As
Valderas layers and add to these tattered pieces, you can almost
feel him reconstructing what he can salvage from his life and memories.
Benjamin Terry, Outsiders, 2011, acrylic, latex and graphite on wood panel, 48 x 52 in.jpg
Other North Texas locals include Timothy Harding, Bonny Leibowitz, and
Heidi Lingamfelter. Fort Worth artist Timothy Harding re-images drawing
through sculpture. His skillful use of line as 3D shape reinvent itself in every
piece he creates. You can feel a theme in his work, but each work feels
fresh in his approach. Dallas abstract artist Bonny Leibowitz will be display
her  encaustic. Fort Worth artist Heidi Lingamfelter will show her mix media
of  leaves with stark minimal color backgrounds.

Margaret Withers - Spindletop boomtown, 2011, w-c, ink and enamel on paper, 30 x 44 inches
Out off towners like Manuel Miranda, Margaret Withers and Kerry Pacillio also
grace the show with their abstract work. Margaret Withers’ work shows some
fun undefined shapes through her gouache on paper piece. Kerry Pacillio’s
industrial minimal piece “Fire and Ice,” contrast will all the works by stripping
away forms with pure color painting on an metal structure.

Cohn Drennan Contemporary has laid out a mission, “of partnering Texas
artists with national and international artists of compatible sensibilities, and
encouraged artists to submit materials for future projects both in Dallas and
abroad.” With a powerful statement backing the gallery and shows like
“110 Degrees,” I am sure Cohn Drennan Contemporary will continue to
be full of surprises.

“110 Degrees” will run through August 6, 2011

Cohn Drennan Contemporary
1107 Dragon, Dallas, TX
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