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by Todd camplin

Another exciting year in art for Dallas is in the history books. A great number of good shows and
events occurred over the past year and one really sad moment as well. I am pretty blue over
the closing of RE Gallery. Though I am happy that Wanda Dye is doing this out of needing a
change in her life and not out of bitter necessity.

Wanda Dye came to Dallas to teach design and architecture, but the Re Gallery and Studio
project was something she developed while she was teaching. So, when the moment was right,
she renovated a house for a gallery space. Unlike the typical white cube format, Dye chose to
keep the walls rough and unfinished. She used the space as a lab for some personal projects
around the city.  It took about a year to complete for each project. However, the art gallery
incorporated in the project increasingly took precedence, and selling art was challenging.
Dye told me that she could have kept things going financially, but the urge to move back
to help out with family in Alabama and the feeling that shows were getting repetitive
contributed to her need to close. To me, it sounds like Dye had learned a great deal from
the Re Gallery and Studio experience, but she is now looking for new challenges.