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Country of Equality Brutality
Zackary David Petot
Upstairs Main Gallery

Nearly a quarter of all violence committed against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and
Queer (LGBTQ) community involves physical or sexual violence. Country of Equality Brutality, a solo
exhibition of printmaking, installation, and drawing, explores themes of brutality while raising
awareness of the rising statistics of violence against the LGBTQ community by providing information
to inspire people to enact positive change.

Straddling the line between figuration and abstraction, my work focuses on an individual’s
experience after or during specific hate crimes. Through my pratice, expressive mark making and
the idea of the multiple give an identity to these victims. While these acts of violence last a lifetime
for the victims, the public’s perception of these acts are brief. Often these crimes are not even
reported by individuals due to fear of being outed publicly.

Each piece has a different level of information to access, further allowing the viewer to
understand the broad scope of these crimes, while offering a glimpse into these realities.
Language plays a large role, referencing redacted police reports, hate slurs used by offenders,
and victim testimony to communicate all facets of these experiences. Referencing service
announcement posters, the scale of these prints offer accessibility and opportunity for a call to
action, while expressing the prevalence of these crimes.

Printmaking’s history of dissemination and political activism serves as a platform for the LGBTQ
community. My goal is to create a dialogue, and raise awareness on these rising statistics, to allow
for change in current legislature and the reevaluation of the reporting procedures within
institutions on hate crimes.

Downstairs / Main Gallery

March 17 - April 8th

For 40 years, our goal has been to give emerging artists opportunities to exhibit their work and
become part of the larger cultural conversation in Texas.  This March/April, 500X Gallery will
be showcasing the work of talented MFA students from the many graduate programs across
Dallas and Fort Worth.  Members of t500X Gallery selected all of the artists through studio
visits across the different campuses throughout the last year.  Here are the selected artists:

Barbara Horlander - Texas Christian University
Ashlyn Lee - Southern Methodist University
Billi London-Gray - University of Texas - Arlington
Theresa NewsomeGarrard - Texas Womens University
Calli Nissen - University of Dallas
Sara Rastegarpouyani - University of Texas - Arlington
Blake Weld - University of North Texas