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pegRAIL™ was born from
a need for organization in
a busy home with four
very active kids. As we all
know, kids change as they
grow. So why shouldn’t
home organization
change &
grow right along with
them? For that matter,
doesn’t everyone need
flexible organization?
Designed as an innovative
solution to almost every
home storage challenge,
pegRAIL™ items are sold
individually to allow for
maximum flexibility &
creativity. Our unique
extruded RAILS can be
mounted at any height
and our simple, patent
pending “peg” makes
changing each set up easy
to adapt to your needs
and design style.
Virtually all of our items are versatile & interchangeable allowing your creativity to run
wild! We are always thinking of additional uses for each item…we call it thinking
“outside the room”…and it’s FUN!
pegRAIL™ truly is… inspired by chaos, engineered by design,
and created by YOU.

Positive Space
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