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by Todd Camplin

Sometimes life gets in the way of passion and my passion is going to art galleries. Maybe a little
more than making art or writing about art. I think I make art and write about art to support my
habit of seeing art. Anyway, I haven’t had the chance to make my rounds in a while, but I am
looking forward to some great shows this weekend.

The project room at Conduit Gallery has the detail drawings of David Canright. Worlds upon
worlds are stacked on top of one another to make dense drawings of places and things. It
looks as if he intends you to get lost in the drawing as you roam your eyes around these
pictures. I look forward to investigating them further to find all the steam punk elements.
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Erin Cluley Gallery has a strong show of paintings by Anna Membrino. These large paintings use flat
areas of painting next to simulated textures and gradients shapes. The work makes you wonder if
they are landscape, still life, abstract, or something in between. I am leaning towards still life, but
only by seeing them live will I know for sure, or maybe not. And I can’t miss the Vernon Fisher show
at Talley Dunn. This body of work titled The American Landscape, shows a kind of cartoon chaos
world with an undercurrent of dread. You can feel the dark humor and apocalyptic rising theme.
I wonder if Fisher was predicting the oncoming storm of the political landscape.
The last stop on my tour will be Murielle White’s artist talk at Cris Worley Gallery. Art talks can
reveal the strength of knowledge and forethought in the artist’s work. However, in the case
of Kelley Walker, during his talk at St. Louis CAM last year he showed his weakness in critical
thinking. I don’t think this will be the a problem for White. Her work is incredibly thoughtful
and completely integrated with her experiences. Her work is layered and visually compelling.
When I was in grad school with her at UNT, I loved listening to her defend her work during
critiques. She was eloquent and you could tell that the work was incredibly personal, yet
relatable. I hope to capture a bit of that magic when I hear her talk about her paintings
this weekend.
Conduit Gallery will have David Canright’s drawings and Anna Membrino’s paintings will be at
Erin Cluley Gallery until February 11th. Murielle White’s show will also come down at the same time
as Canright and Membrino, but her talk is Saturday the 4th from 4 to 5 PM. And you have a bit
longer to see Vernon Fisher’s paintings, because his show is over February 25th.

Vernon Fisher - Dark Passage, 2016, Oil and acrylic on canvas,
60 x 60 inches at Talley Dunn Gallery
Murielle White - Top of the World, 2016 oil & mixed media on canvas -
48 x 60 inches at Cris Worley Fine Arts
David Canright, Ship, 2016, ball point pen on paper,
24x57 inches at Conduit Gallery