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designed by: TruAudio

art that sounds as stunning as it looks!

Seamlessly hiding a high fidelity speaker system behind a breathtaking image -
What looks like a much loved framed photo or painting now emits the most
dramatic stereo sound imaginable.
Simply select art work from the aframe gallery or graphic art, limited edition artwork, oil paintings,
drawings or photography. Or submit your own image to create a personal aframe. Choose from
a precision cut black, white or walnut custome frame.
Hook your bluetooth enabled
compouter, tablet or smartphone
up to the aframe and listen as tru
stereo sounds play through the
pair of titanium tweeters and glass
fiber woofers. Sit back, relax and
enjoy as the digital, crystal clear
amplifier pumps out 40 watts RMS
in stereo.

Available in 18 x 22 and 34 x 42..