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George Tice at 80
A Retrospective
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​Car for Sale, Paterson,
New Jersey, 1969
On Saturday, February 24th, Afterimage Gallery will began a major retrospective of the
internationally known photographer George Tice, with an opening celebration from 7:30 to 9:30
p.m. Titled George Tice at 80, the show will feature 30 prints, dating from a 1959 image obtained at
the time by Edward Steichen, for the photographic collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

Mr. Tice was born in New Jersey in 1938 and still lives there. His work is in over 100 museum
collections, and his museum exhibits began in 1972 with a one-person show at The Metropolitan
Museum. Over the years he has authored more than 20 books and been awarded fellowships from
both the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Although his subject matter is quite varied, he is best known for his work in urban areas, particularly
his native New Jersey. Using a large format view camera for ultimate quality, similar to Ansel
Adams, he calls this pursuit his "urban landscape" work. He is also recognized for the work he has
done among Pennsylvania's Amish community.

Tice has been making photographs for over 60 years, and Afterimage Gallery has carried his work
for over 40 years. Afterimage Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries devoted to photography in
the world, established in 1971.

The entire show can be found online at Ticeat80.htm. The exhibit
ends May 5. The Wikipedia entry for Tice is here: https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/George_A._Tice,
with a lot more details of his career. Below are two more photographs: