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Kiwi is a container that looks like a bottle, made with a technique that
creates a compact and closed form. At the centre, is the handle and
opening underneath the handle,  using the hollow already formed in
the main body as the funnel to hold  2 litres of water, with a long spout
“Zucch” – Glass sugar castor
design by Lisa Vincitorio, a young
Australian designer, who earned
considerable recognition with her
original “Fruit Loop”, has now created
a double wall glass sugar castor. This
arrangement creates an interesting
optical effect, so that the sugar seems
to be floating inside a
crystal bubble, creating a sensation of
extreme lightness on even the most
sophisticated tables
“LA ROSA” – Basket
Emma Silvestris
“marli family” - Steven Blaess, 2008
The Aboriginal butterfly (in the Aboriginal language, marli means
butterfly) transforms and takes flight, becoming a family of objects
with sinuous, flexible shapes. Steven Blaess has designed a hook
for two different recommended applications. Both are made for
fixing to the wall, and are ideal for rooms such as the kitchen or
The “marli” basket was also inspired by the flight of a butterfly. In
the large version, it is simply a spacious stainless steel basket, ideal
for bread, fruit, or perhaps a bunch of cut flowers. The smaller size
could be a useful valet tray or a container for sundry objects.
Both also come in an interesting white
coated steel version

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