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at Galleri Urbane through June 01
by Todd Camplin

My first impression of Allie Pohl's work came from an earlier show at Galleri Urbane.
The piece had the same reflective qualities as Jeff Koons' balloon dog sculptures.
I really couldn't get past the similarities, and unfortunately I completely dismissed
her work as just another Koonian knock off.
But clearly I was taking her work out of context. Instead of a rehash of a vapid second generation
Pop art object that is all about kitsch, Allie Pohl actually contains some quality content. I know this
now, because of her solo show at Galleri Urbane titled, Ideal Woman. Her installation drives her
attempts to connect with this Other, without seriously making the effort. It is easier to idealize
Carytid series chrome 19.5 x 9 x 12 in per unit
I did however, blush a bit when I walked around a corner and saw underwear and knees sitting