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at Oliver Francis Gallery through april 06
by Todd Camplin
I drove the wrong way down the street, parked illegally, braved some traffic crossing the street,
and I was greeted by the crowd that had earlier waved to me to turn around. This was my first
visit to Oliver Francis Gallery, which has been on my list for a while, because of so much buzz
about the space. The gallery is a small, well-worn space. It features several small rooms, but
plenty room to navigate around the crowd. The place reminds me of a few galleries
I frequented on 2nd street in Philadelphia.   
The current show is featuring the new media work of Andrew Blanton. Work your way into the
space to see a pedestal with a sculpted object displayed. Immediately, I thought the work
The lights moved to the music and patters and shapes formed. A little like a screen saver, only
taken up a few thousand notches.  And the music made the piece. Blanton says, “The audio
was extracted directly from the viz. using a process of sonification, so everything was realtime.”
It is no wonder that he is going to be a resident at STEIM (the STudio for Electro-Instrumental
Music) in Amsterdam this spring.
Installation View
Installation View
Blanton draws you in to a strong philosophical and ethical questioning space. This was
more than just a visual and audio experience, but a feast for the mind. I spent a great
deal of time contemplating the show as a whole and it left me with more questions and
a hunger to see more by Blanton. This is Andrew Blanton’s MFA show from UNT and the
show titled “Panopics” will only be up until April 6th, so make an appointment with
Oliver Francis Gallery right away and see this work. Go in a group if you can.
Installation View