Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Ann Stautberg’s
“Texas Coast Revisited”
at Barry Whistler’s Gallery through April 23

“Lifetime Portfolio” at Barry’s consists of a stunning selection from an ongoing series of hand-tinted
photographs on 20 x 24” paper. These idealized landscapes span four decades of Ann’s career
mainly during the time she was living on Galveston Island on the coastline of Texas start in 1991.
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6.4.95,AM, Texas Coast, 2010 editioned hand colored photograph, 24 x 20 inches
Of all her work she observes “the light and the changes in weather, the bits and pieces
of life going on around me, the enormousness of the ocean and the sky. When I was
there I felt so small living on the edge of the bay. I now live in an older neighborhood
in Houston, lots of trees and homes close together where I feel really large and I’ve
been looking at things here with a magnifying glass. I miss seeing the horizon line, the
coastal light and water, so maybe the future will take me somewhere where I feel
not large, not small but just normal…”
“Texas Coast,” a gelatin silver photograph with translucent oils
After the black–and-white image is printed, Ann paints over its surface with colors that
coincide with her personal memory of the place at the moment it was photographed.
Then she titles it by its location, date and time of day it was taken; this exact
documentary label organizes the photographs whereas the dedicated, technically
time-consuming hand-coloring technique personalizes each image.

Truthfully Galveston’s beaches are particularly unsightly and fraught with problems
such as pollution, trash, red algae, and jellyfish; she resists as much as possible
glamorizing its shores. “The images exist somewhere between reality and
romanticized memory, as many photographs ultimately do.”
For “8.2.00 A.M. Texas Coast #4” she says “I tried to present the full image as something
pure, not manipulated.  I just waited and watched, looking for the right light and
reflections in the water...the moment came together without my controlling it.  It was
just an instance when the sunshine and storm were almost happening at the same
time.” This exquisite, large-scale (68 x 90 inches) photograph rests in the collection of the
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Barry Whistler Gallery
is located
in the Deep Ellum area of downtown Dallas at
2909-B Canton Street.
Regular gallery hours are
Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5:00 p.m.
and by appointment.