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February 24 – May 31, 2018
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Barry Whistler Gallery continues the 2018 season with an exhibition of works by gallery artist
Linnea Glatt. Plot Line opens February 24th, 6-8 PM, and runs through May 31st, 2018. This
exhibition, featuring new works on paper, will mark Glatt’s fifth solo exhibition with the Gallery.
A catalog that features an essay by Chelsea Pierce, Curatorial Assistant at The Dallas Museum
of Art, will accompany the exhibition. An excerpt from that essay follows.

Plot Line features a continuation of Linnea Glatt’s diverse fabric drawings and handmade books,
contemplating elements of seriality, rhythm, and contrasts. Glatt unifies surface and substrate by
layering textiles, removing threads to expose structural lines, and stitching thread into fabric or
mulberry paper. When done in series, she explores progressions, increasing sizes and gradations
to convey visual evolutions. In every permutation, we see the labor of time spent. Time seems to
be referenced frequently. From an outside perspective, one sees the ebb and flow of cycles, or
contrasts such as day and night. For Linnea, the work is more referential to her life, an appraisal
of the individual points in time that together make a line, and her observation of the cyclical
nature of life that often evokes a circle.

Linnea’s abstractions are conceived subliminally, proposing a heightened sense of dualities, not
just of colors and tone, but hard and soft, and a tension between such minimally inspired forms
to appear so organic. What is compelling about Linnea’s abstractions is the distinction between
what clearly gives the appearance of the handmade and what exudes a machine-like
precision. In this sense, Linnea perceives the needs of each work and oscillates between these
two modes. In many works, when viewing from any standing distance one would not recognize
the shapes were created by hand, but small imperfections are evinced when examined closely.

Divergent to some of her hardline geometric compositions where the components are additive
rather than subtractive, a notion of undoing proves an interesting counterbalance in other
drawings. Pulling the supporting weft lines from fabric to leave wispy threads unbound or expose
the remaining structure of the fabric, Linnea creates precise lines that celebrate the division
between the varying surfaces. Cumulatively, the works in Plot Line are connected by Glatt’s
meticulous attention to detail as well as her focus on the qualities of her materials that offer
for viewers a deeper reflection on form and harmony.
Fundament, 2017 Fabric on Paper
60 1/4 x 60 1/4 inches