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at Ro2art // by Todd Camplin.

Generally, solo shows are made up of art on the walls or floors and consist of the new body of an
artist’s work. But in Benjamin Terry’s case, the whole space has been considered. He has painted
the walls and floor yellow. Then he has placed five paintings, not on the walls, but raw wood
pedestals. Or in one case, hanging off the top edge of a wall.  The space is sparse, almost
awkwardly installed. Two pieces are crowded together on one pedestal and another piece
is hanging up high by the door. Two rods are holding up one painting and another is being
displayed on what looks to be an unfinished wall. So, what is Terry thinking?
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According to Terry, it is based on the structure of a limerick. This style of poem is usually witty with
a punch line at the end. His experience with limericks dated back to his time in second grade
where he was introduced to this type of poem. He took to writing several but he didn’t get to
present his best poem. Seems he is giving that another go. The rhyme scheme of a limerick uses
an AABBA. Terry set up the show of paintings to follow this structure. It appears the show
accomplishes its goal to be witty and punchy. The yellow surroundings unify the show like
a piece of paper would contain all the words of a limerick.
Terry’s experience with curation has helped to inform his work. He described his process in grad
school as learning and growing from painting to painting. This process evolved to understanding
his work as a body of related ideas. Not only did he start to think about the display of his work,
but also other artists work. Working with Kirk Hopper, Terry was able to experiment with works
that were loud. He learned from this loud show and got more focused at the Circuit 12 show
where the paintings by artists were constructed rather than just painted. His recent curation
was of photographers Jonathan Molina Garcia and Emily Peacock. This time the content
drove the curation as these photos were about sickness. Both document and video their
subjects. Garcia focused on HIV positive men while Peacock focused on her sick mother.
Terry now creates shows which build upon ideas that play off each other in a kind of
holistic experience.

The show titled Limerick, featuring Benjamin Terry’s paintings ends March 17th. That same day he
will be giving an artist talk around 2ish. Soon, Terry will also be spending some time at a Brooklyn
artist-in-residency, and later in the year a show in Houston. So, look for more from him. I would be
remiss not to mention that Michelle Thomas Richardson also has a show of her work at RO2. She
uses fiber to build her art installations. This exhibition titled Mirror looks strangely like an abstract
silhouette. You can get a closer look and talk to her on March 17th as well. She too will be
giving an artist talk.
Benjamin Terry - Limerick  
photo credit: Kevin Todora

Benjamin Terry - Limerick  
photo credit: Kevin Todora
Benjamin Terry - Limerick  
photo credit: Kevin Todora
Michelle Thomas Richardson - Mirror