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The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
by Todd Camplin

The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art brings the works of Roger Bensasson and Yumiko Kimura across
the pond to show another angle on geometric art. Yumiko is from Japan but lives in Paris, while Bensasson
was born in Paris and lives in Bagnolet, France. Whereas Kimura's glass work feels flat, Bensasson brought
on some exciting work using minimal use of line, shape, and color.
Installation View

Installation View
To be honest, I took more time looking back at their permanent collection which is expanding all
the time. Some day, that whole building might be taken over by the museum. Most of the walls
are covered in salon style to fit so much work. The museum not only has works by international
artists, but I spotted quite a few Texas artists as well. The museum has always been supportive of
the local art scene. Some highlights of the collection for me include: Josef Albers, Carlos Cruz-Diez,
Orna Feinstein, and Bridget Riley.
Installation View
Installation View