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Collective Vision

Bivins Gallery is pleased to present Collective Vision, a group exhibition featuring a diverse
assembly of sculptures and paintings from artists on the gallery’s renowned roster. Artists featured in
the main gallery include: Troy Abbott, Fletcher Benton, Mr. Brainwash, Pedro Escapa, Carole
Feuerman, Linda Fleming, Phil Gleason, Robert Graham, Richard Hickam, Tom Holland, Mildred
Howard, Robert Hudson, Denis Mikhaylov, Harry Moody, Craig Nagasawa, Don Nice, Ricardo
Paniagua, Irene Pijoan, Punk Me Tender, Richard Shaw, Tonio Trzebinski, Lidia Vitkovskaya, Brian
Wall, Mary Hull Webster, William T. Wiley, and Russell Young.

FEBRUARY 2 - APRIL 7, 2018