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The BISTRO Toaster
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The BISTRO Toaster combines a retro modern design sensibility -
as displayed by its perforated  housing - with a splash of
bold color.
The two-slice BISTRO Toaster by BODUM® is designed to toast breads and
baked goods to perfection. Features include: 900 watts of power; variable
browning and temperature settings; defrost and cancel buttons; built-in,
pop-up warming rack for keeping bread, bagels, muffins and croissants
warm; adjustable-width toasting slots; removable crumb-tray for easy
cleaning and a footed base with cord retainer to adjust cord length
and  store neatly.
Made of stainless steel with a unique, rubberized, colored finish, the BISTRO
Toaster promises to brighten up the kitchen!

Make Taste, Not Waste!

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