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at Cohn Drennan Contemporary on November 23  
by Todd Camplin

I love studio visits and not just those studio tour visits, but when you call the artists up and ask them if
you can see their new work. Bonny Leibowitz generously invited me to visit her studio on a day I was
also visiting a few other artists. She was preparing for her upcoming show at Cohn Drennan
Contemporary on November 23rd.

Leibowitz will be paired with artist Winter Rusiloski in a show titled Pleasure Tempest. Leibowitz
has shown at this gallery before, but usually her work would populate the walls with encaustic
paintings, however she has made a major shift in her work. For now, it appears Leibowitz has
become primarily a sculptor.
This shift not only applies to her approach, but her content, style and sensibility. There of course
are a few transitional pieces which reflect the past innovations of her paintings. Like the work
Queen For A Day 2013
foam, brass, acrylic, sheep fur, velvet and cast iron - 23 x 12 x 12

Love Sandwich 2013
fir wood, foam and acrylic
Upon reflection of my visit, the California Funk Art movement came to mind. Particularly Ed
Kienholz and his critique of contemporary culture. Like Kienholz, Leibowitz peels away the
Justice For All? 2013
plaster, tree bark, acrylic, faux fur, hinge, metal and shellac
One reason I believe Leibowitz was about
Mating Season 2013