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at Liliana Bloch Gallery
by Todd Camplin

What is risk taking in art? When do you know you see it happening in an individual artist?
Where do you find artists that take risk? The Bonny Leibowitz show at Liliana Bloch Gallery
is a good example to help flesh out these big questions of aesthetics.
When an artist is taking a risk, some work might succeed while others might fail. I think Liliana
Bloch was careful in selecting the work for the show. I can tell that Liliana and Leibowitz
Hanging Bundle, 2016
Vintage and Contemporary Textiles, Polyfoam, oil cloth, vinyl and acrylic, 50"x50"x20"
photo  credit: Kevin Todora

Monument Pile, 2016
vinyl, vintage and contemporary textiles, photography of textiles,
pigment on mulberry paper, acrylic and stitching. 78"x65"
I am still debating a few individual works in my head, but works like On Hold or Spin Cycle were
very strong with the same amount of risk the rest of the show embodied. New Artifacts, featuring
Bonny Leibowitz will be up until July 23rd at Liliana Bloch Gallery.
Crumpled, 2016
vintage textiles, stretch vinyl and acrylic on polyfoam. 10"x15"x12"
Spin Cycle, 2016
quilted vinyl, vintage and contemporary textiles and acrylic. 50"x46"x8"
photo  credit: Kevin Todora
Risk taking is often associated with danger, opening oneself to ridicule, or attempting something