Bonny Leibowitz - "Surface Tension."
opens at Rising Gallery September 30 // 6-9pm
by Todd Camplin

Rising Gallery, formally located in mid-town Dallas and away from the art galleries
clustering down in the Design District and Deep Elum area, has now found a new
home between these clusters, right in the revitalized downtown business district of
Dallas. Rising Gallery founders Bryan & Taber Wetz have been good about
giving under represented local artists an exhibition space. The gallery seems to
focus on emerging artists, and this month they are featuring Bonny Leibowitz in
a solo show titled "Surface Tension.
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When it comes to the paintings, Bonny Leibowitz has left behind any representation
in her art for more of a color field -- cloudy abstraction that is more of an emotional
expression.  A kind of spirituality is present in these intuitive expressions of color. Some
works invoke landscape and others invoke the sky. Like most purely abstract art,
Leibowitz is showing us the imagined unseen world or, as the philosopher Immanuel
Kant would describe it, the noumenal world. But Leibowitz also uses photography
to peek out from underneath some of her paintings. This implies a breaking of this
unseen world through an element of collage. She further breaks away from
traditional color field paintings through her use of encaustic wax and other
collage elements.
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Float 1
Bonny Leibowitz was the first artist I met when I moved to the Dallas area. She invited
me to her studio and I had the opportunity to see a great number of her paintings.
I am excited to be following hers now at Rising Gallery, opening this Friday,
September 30th through November 5th.
Tectonics - 30x60 - photography wax oil pigment