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by Todd Camplin

When visiting an art gallery, you don’t expect to see an exhibition of scientific research.
But, RO2 Gallery has a kind of science fair booth display featuring the research findings of
artist/scientist Brad Ford Smith.
Nomadic Fungus Document: Ever Vibrant Corporation, 2016
Gouache on ink jet print. 10 × 8 in

Spore Sprouting Test
Presented by the Nomadic Fungi Institute
What is exciting about the show is the work “test,” because much of the works look like sketches
or models for much larger pieces that could populate the landscape. I began to imagine cars
in places all over the country with huge fungi sprouting out of them. It would be gorgeous.
Brad Ford Smith hasn’t come to this experiment for fungus shaped objects out of the blue. He has
been making organically shaped sculptures since the early aughts. His Cat Food Garden series,
Pocket Candies series, and Servings series all invoke this look of an object naturally grown. Much of
his drawings also reflect his obsession with the organic form. Smith may use humor to get his point
across, but his more serious undercurrents breathed life into this series of work.

Brad Ford Smith will be showing at RO2 through July 23rd.
NFI Lab Sample: High Octane,

Untitled (Cars in Jars), 2015-2016
Diecast cars, recycled jars, hand woven wire, paper mache, lacquer