at Brand 10 Art Space (Ft Worth) through April 28th
by Todd Camplin

Brand 10 art space, located around the museum district of Fort Worth, is a non-profit gallery that
shows imaginative exhibitions of artists. The Brand 10 team picks artists for their ability to create
challenging conversation between the art works. The exhibition “Showman,” featuring Tim Best,
Titus O’Brien, Tom Orr and Cameron Schoepp is full of contrast and complementary pieces
which makes for a great group show.

Tom Orr’s work is like a theater of the eye. He sets up his sculptures to form the back drop of a
stage while the overlapping objects play with your optical senses. The breaks in shadows and
illusionistic effects are Orr’s actors that play across his stage.  His work also peeks out of the gallery
windows like theater posters displayed to attract passersby. I am sure Orr was well aware that
the words “art space” on the windows would act as a nice framing device.
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Titus O’Brien’s paintings are like a collage of exploding black and white backdrops of a cityscape.
I recently watched the old 1920’s movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and these works remind me
a great deal of the expressionist style of the film. The limited colors and geometric shapes with hints
of shadowy buildings seem on the surface to be talking a similar language as Orr’s work, but
O’Brien’s titles “Avatamsaka IV” and “Avatamsaka III,” suggest a spiritual influence that makes
me want to look at the paintings a little deeper.
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Tom Orr -   "Leo, how are we going to beat the Russians"
In the middle of the floor is Cam Schoepp’s work, where a bench is surrounded by a floor piece
of two overlapping colors. Schoepp’s pieces seem to provide a place to view the shows going
on around his sculptures. These pieces invite you to sit down while repelling you with the
patterned boarder on the ground. Schoepp’s functional, anti-functional art plays well with
the showy work of Orr and the paintings of O’Brien.
From the series ‘stuff’ -  2011
Fuji Crystal Archive Print - 24”x 24”
Titus O’Brien -  Title: Avatamsaka III
Acrylic on Belgian linen - 72″ x 72″ - 2012
The main stage was set with Orr, O’Brien, and Schoepp, but the side stage of Tim Best is a show of