at CYDONIA through june 19
by Todd Camplin

This last weekend was quite a feast for the eyes, but I had to cut my visits short because of my own
opening. I could have easily been late, because my second to last stop was Cydonia Gallery
and the show there completely captivated my imagination. Cydonia’s current show is etchings,
lithographs, drawings, and sculptures by artist Bronwen Sleigh.  I was fortunate enough to meet
Sleigh and we talked about her work. She comes from Glasgow, Scotland and this is her first solo
show in the States.
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Sleigh draws from architecture and simplicity of the line. I could tell right away that these works
were about the sublime and tragic look at human constructed spaces. A counter to the utopian
The sculptures also celebrated line and the architectural structures within a building. I could easily
London Stansted, 2012
Although architecture seems to run through the works quite thoroughly, Sleigh’s work also feels a