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Bryan Dubreuiel
Bryan Dubreuiel’s style has been
called abstract, abstract
Expressionism and other
significant styles. He has been
known to call his style
“passionism”; painting out of pure
drive and passion. He won
numerous honors and awards in
his early years through high
school, but put his passion on hold
to serve his country. Throughout
his military career, he has been
contributing through the
Combined Federal Campaign
supporting the Children’s Cancer
Fund and the National Children’s
Leukemia Foundation. In 2005,
after major back surgery and
becoming partially paralyzed on
his right side, most would think this
would stop the “passion” process
of his painting.
His high spirits actually made him
paint even more; it is just harder
now for him to hold a brush and
takes longer to finish a painting.
Now being an internationally
collected artist and a 20-year
retired veteran of the US Navy,
he now spends all of his free time
putting his passion on canvas,
continues to be passionate
about supporting the CCF and
can be seen on the Dallas
chapter's website.
Art and expression has been my life's passion. I am now an
internationally sold artist and strive to have my work displayed
even more. I paint or write on a whim, usually stopping everything
in sight to put an idea on canvas. I have traveled the world
studying different artist, from different lands. I have had the
pleasure of discovering different cultures. My usual medium is
acrylic, but I am very fond of using pastels, chalks, oils
and watercolors alike.
I spend all of my free time, when I am not of course with my
wonderful family or working, painting commissions. My disability
only inspires me to concentrate more, put more feeling and time
into each piece I complete. I love the abstract world and
expressing my imagination through it fulfills my every dream.

Bryan Dubreuiel


Visit and read the feature of Bryan on
The Childrens Cancer Fund of Dallas website.

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