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by Todd Camplin

The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas wanted to give art lovers a more intimate engagement
with the art they see and a glimpse into the creative process, so in 2010 they started a bus tour
that visited galleries, artist’s studios, art spaces, and even a warehouse of art. And for whatever
reason, I managed to miss the tours or had my plans to go fall through. But this time the stars were
aligned just right for me to snag a ride on the September CADD bus tour.

After 500x, we rode the bus to the Cedars area of Dallas. An area just south of the convention
Jim and Mary Lynn are glass artists. They were in the process of rebuilding their equipment, so
we didn’t get to see anything blown, but they were a pleasure to meet. The objects impressed
my travel companions in the back of the bus so much, they took some pieces home. We left
500X Gallery // photography: Giovanni Valderas   
Richard Maxwell, Studio // photography: Giovanni Valderas