Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Caprice Pierucci - “Royal Grain”
at Gremillion Gallery in Dallas  on view through April 19

This capable artist is well deserving of attention for her meticulously conceived and crafted
abstract wall and floor hugging sculptures. Fortunately Caprice was in attendance at her
opening since she is so articulate in sharing her art-making from all angles; it made her
show even more enjoyable. Also, this Houston’s gallery new space in Dallas definitely
deserves serious consideration by the art crowd.  

Caprice received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh
and her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York – both excellent schools. Since 1996
she has been an instructor of sculpture and life drawing at Austin Community College.
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“Cycles in Space,” 14 x 2 x 9 feet
Her comments began with telling us about the multiple undulating linear forms in front
of the audience creating delicate, flowing and sensuous movement and shadow. It
shows why Caprice credits the images she continues to reuse to her mother’s and her
own past careers as weavers. While she builds her sculptures she envisions herself in
the act of weaving the wood.
“Red Sangria Cascade” 5 x 6 x 1 feet  
“Red Sangria Cascade” detail
. Wood is the material a loom is made of which naturally led to her favorite medium out
of which to make her constructions. Comparable to weaving, her forms are planned to
interlock, interact and repeat; she works on a curvaceous imaginative grid, quite distinct
from a loom.
“Undulating” 7” x 8 x 6 x1 feet
“I am drawn to natural forms: earth erosion, Cal trite in cave formations, wind on desert sands,
artichokes cut in half. Detritus of manmade objects are also appealing: such as old refrigerator
grates, cracks, and scratches on metal or in cement, squashed recycled cardboard.” After
careful study of each artwork one can see the sources of the ideas in her head but hearing
some of them identified in the artist’s words simplifies matters.
“Charcoal Loops 5’ x 6 x 1 feet      
Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc.
2251 Vantage St. Dallas  TX  75207