Central Station Interiors
Environmental consciousness is a fundamental standard at Central Station
Original Interiors, Inc. .... because it is the right thing to do.
While America's furniture industry struggles to find a way to stay in step
with other countries’ advances in "green design", one designer has
capitalized on his European roots, and given America hope. A native of
Antwerp, Belgium, Paul Delaisse has founded his designing career around
nature and the ideas surrounding “green design”. Receiving his Master of
Arts Degree from Belgium’s Royal Academy of Arts, Delaisse has dreamed,
designed, and accomplished exquisite masterpieces.
With his private pieces of
various media circulating
galleries in Europe and in
High Point, NC, Delaisse's
clear understanding of
nature obviously provides
him a source of inspiration.
Often calling on reclaimed
teak as his medium of
choice, Delaisse's work
demonstrates his ability to
morph form, function, and
natural materials to
achieve an organically
elegant element of design.
By continually exploring elements of "green design", Delaisse confidently
offers a fresh look to seemingly everyday pieces by implementing organic
materials and presenting them in a beautiful manner.
From inception, Central Station Original Interiors, Inc. has demonstrated
this steadfast commitment to environmental protection and preservation
through our materials, design, production, remanufacturing, and
distribution of products. Our sophisticated designs are constructed to
withstand many generations and will never become archaic.

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