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Summer Small Works Show at Ro2Art
by Todd Camplin

If you don’t have a great deal to spend on art, yet you would like a piece by a local
contemporary artist, go to RO2 gallery this weekend and pick from over 100 artists.
Usually you can only get small works from artists that were prodded into donating their
art to some charity. But not at Chaos, you are giving to artists to help them buy more
material to make more art. Or at least paying for groceries next month. With so many
artists, which ones should you be looking for? Here is my list.
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At this point, I think I hate the work of Jeff Parrott, therefore I must seek his art piece out and either
hate it more or fall in love with it. Parrott uses low brow images in an informal grid format. I can
tell his work will evoke strong feeling in me. At first I reacted negatively to Patricia Rodriguez’s
paintings, but after standing in front of her work, I was converted. I hope the piece in the
show will be charged enough to stand out among the noise.

Angel Cabrales, Jennifer Jones, Rachel Fischer, Adam Palmer, Julon Pinkston, Benjamin Terry,
Brad Ford Smith, Erica Stephens, and Bonny Leibowitz are some of the usual suspects I would
want to write about. Because I enjoy their work and I want people to see their art. However,
the RO2 Chaos show gives me an opportunity to meet new artists and to get to know an
artist better. This show is a big bash, so you will get to talk to a lot of artists. Even if you go
after the opening, you will have a chance to become familiar with a truckload of art.
Jessica Simorte
I know Jeanne C. Neal, Jessica Simorte, and Julia L. Trinh all make compelling abstract paintings.
Trinh adds a texture that usually implies a decorative add on to a painting, but somehow she
makes it work and the texture becomes essential to what makes the paintings successful. Max
Manning makes abstract paintings that feel like assemblies. Peggy Lee’s paintings are also
abstract, but give the feeling that she has pieced them together like a puzzle. I wonder
how her work will translate in a small piece.
Julia Trihn
Jeanne Neale
James Zamora
Bumin Kim