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Christa Diepenbrock, MFA
Inverted Space is a collection of recent figurative collages.
The small personal hand-made collage studies explore the complex
spaces that female figures create in a limited space. Innovative spaces
are created as figures are placed over, next to, and towards each other.
BLUELINES - 24" X 36"
Negative space is used to mirror the figures in the positive space. Transparent silk fabrics  are
used to continue to develop the interplay between figure, background/ foreground and
negative / positive space. Color is used to flatten the space and to foster a design aspect.

Compositions are studied, enlarged and reduced to the bare essentials.
The collages are a combination of craft papers, fabric and hand-drawn figures
in colored pencil and oil pastels.
REDLINES - 24" X 36"
Christa Diepenbrock Ziman, MFA is a local emerging Dallas artist that received her Bachelors of Art
at Hunter College in New York City. She received her Master of Fine
Arts degree at Texas Women's University in painting.

She is currently teaching Design I and Drawing II at Collin County Community College.
Her work has been exhibited at the Local Color Gallery and the Bath House Cultural Center in
Dallas, Texas and MainSite Gallery in Norman, Oklahoma, as well as in various New York Galleries,
such as Feral Gallery and Stephen Gang Gallery. Her workwas also  included in a group show at
the Papier Museum in Dueren, Germany in December 2008.
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CURVES - 24" X 36"

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