at Conduit Gallery through march 29
by Todd Camplin

Conduit Gallery once again packs in some thought provoking artists at their space.
Annabel Daou, Marcely McNeil, and Maja Ruznic each have a very distinctive voice
in their work. It was kind of jarring, yet exciting to walk from one room to the next. My
first visit was opening night where you could feel the energy of the crowd with the
work, but I can assure you that energy has not drained after the event.  
Annabel Daou’s text art is the first work you encounter. She has filled the room with written poems in
framed works on paper. She also has several rhythmic chants framed and part of a wall installation.
The installation crisscrosses and meanders around with little letters of handwritten red text.  Daou has
scribed out, “I shall reign, I reign, I have reigned, I am without a kingdom,” but unfortunately for me,
my dyslexia was kicking in and I read “I resign,” which of course confused me.  Luckily I had a friend
with me, and he asked what she meant by, “I shall reign?” With that question, I was instantly able to
elate to her idea. I felt her feelings of anticipation of the future, her feeling of being in the moment,
then that moment of reflection, and finally that moment of loss. Thank goodness for friends to help
me clarify things with a good question.
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believe this is a strong development of her previous work. The exploration of mass and line feels like a kind
to portrait rather than the traditional landscape abstraction approach. Her paintings contain hard-edge
with spray paint, yet she avoids the trappings of making her work about the graffiti language. Instead,
her application of spray paint aids her abstraction and composition in a more formal painting language.  

Annabel Daou, Wheel of Fortune #4, 2013, ink & repair tape on paper, 27x21"
Maja Ruznic, Ticklers, 2012, ink on paper, 10x10"