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Matt Clark
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Jungle Transmission
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Jackson Echols  The Gathering​
September 9 – October 14, 2017
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​FROML-R: Erin Curtis, Jackson Echols, Matt Clark
MATT CLARK                                                                                                                   Maitri

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Dallas artist, Matt Clark. Maitri
marks the seventh solo exhibition of Matt Clarks work at Conduit Gallery. Maitri is the Sanskrit word for
loving kindness, an element rooted in Buddhist teachings. Clark uses this as a parallel for life, bringing
a spiritual essence to the canvas that challenges the viewer to relate and reflect. The paintings present
abstract interpretations of the divine nature of Buddhism. “These paintings embody the continued
journey of finding self,” said Clark. “My hope is to give the viewer a moment of peace that perhaps
brings a sense of presence and an opportunity for contemplation.” Organically constructed, Clark’s
work reveals the history of their making. Layers of paint: scraped, spread, sanded, poured, and
compressed, reveal and obscure the prior image, acting as a catalyst for his trust, faith, and
determination in the creative process. The genesis of Clark’s work lies in how place and experience,
both physically and psychologically, inform us of ourselves and surroundings. Matt Clark is a Dallas-
based artist and Assistant Professor of Practice at University of Texas, Arlington. He has had a creative
practice for over two decades. He received his BA in Art History in 1995 from Arizona State University
and an MFA in 2002 from Cranbrook. His work is included in over 20 international corporate
collections and has been exhibited throughout the US since 2002. A passionate educator, he
focuses on arts entrepreneurship and employing entrepreneurial thinking and strategy to help
students achieve their potential.

ERIN CURTIS                                                                                                     Jungle Transmission

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Austin artist, Erin Curtis. With an
interest in anthropology and an eye toward architecture and pattern, Curtis’ paintings and works
on paper are intensely handmade and united in their dense weavings of color. Like radio
communications sent deep from a remote location, interrupted and overlaid with layers of noise
and sound, Jungle Transmission includes recent paintings compact with color, pattern and imagery
that moves over and against themselves. Images of dark tropical forest, knotted with foliage and
planes of dense patterning that hold hidden images of ambiguous cut symbols emerge from
canvasses textured with layers of cut pattern and inlayed symbols. The multiple layers of surface
simultaneously come together to form a contained but disrupted surface. Curtis’ recent paintings
show interest in geometric abstraction, decoration, repetition and their intersection with
representations of nature and natural forms. The work explores utopic ideals of beauty and
structure, meeting with the chaos of chance and process. The exhibition will also include a site-
specific installation that engages the architecture of the gallery and spills onto the floor and off
the walls. Combining painting, found and repurposed materials, and free hanging, cut canvas
shapes, the installation will be complex and exuberant, complimenting the free-standing paintings
and offering an experience that is akin to being inside one. Drawing on abstract language and
imagery often sourced from textiles or borrowed from traditional architecture, body ornamentation
and body decoration, the work takes inspiration from traditional objects and imagery that exist
at the nexus of purpose and beauty. The paintings created for Jungle Transmission threaten to
be overwhelmed with an unreadable complexity that is pulled back to the edge of order with
the familiar structure of pattern. Erin Curtis earned and M.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of
Texas at Austin and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Williams College, Williamstown, MA. In 2009, Curtis
was named a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur, India. She was also
awarded fully funded residencies to the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (2014); the Anderson
Ranch, Snowmass, CO (2012). In 2013, Curtis was the recipient of the Idea Fund Grant from the
Andy Warhol Foundation. Solo exhibitions since 2012 include: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA
(2016); Big Medium, Austin TX (2015); Flashpoint Gallery, Washington DC (2015); The Contemporary,
Austin, TX (2013); and David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX (2012). Jungle Transmission will be the
second solo exhibition at Conduit Gallery for Erin Curtis.

JACKSON ECHOLS                                                                                                  The Gathering

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Arlington, TX based artist, Jackson
Echols. Echols large scale photographic works in The Gathering are the result of the artist’s exploration
of alternative photographic processes, intersecting and capturing views of the natural world. “My
attempt is to photograph the essence of nature, the hidden manifestations of life, through chemical
and physical interaction with sensitized emulsions. I “plant” an unexposed piece of chromogenic paper
into an environment and allow the environment to interact with it. With exposures lasting days to weeks,
each image contains a conglomeration of effects, such as weathering, erosion, acidity, and temperature
change. Upon its “harvest,” each piece is processed, dried and set aside for selection. I think of myself as
a director. I set the stage for an interaction to occur and hope each piece will form a cohesive “picture”
of its growth and change. Whereas I began this project with the mindset of a non-interventionist, I have
begun to take a more active hand in each piece’s creation. The Gathering is my first exhibition of the
results, created with items found in any supermarket’s produce aisle. Over time, I have resisted the
temptation to methodically catalogue the various effects each chemical creates on the emulsion,
and therefore figure out a “palette” from which to choose. To do so would ruin the surprise inherent in
each piece’s maturation at its processing phase.” Jackson Echols earned an MFA in Studio Intermedia
from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014 and a BFA with a concentration in Photography from
the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 2011.