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Stephen Lapthisophon-Scotoma
Ted Larsen-All in All
Project Room
Marco Querin |Time Vault​
February24 – March31,2018
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TED LARSEN                                                                                                                                                 All in All

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Santa Fe based artist Ted Larsen.
Ted Larsen’s studio practice eschews a single theme or didactic agenda. Throughout his sculptural
practice, the works keep possession of a formality and elegance, while at the same time poking fun
of modernist purity. Larsen creates abstract sculptures from salvaged materials, or ‘non‐art materials’,
as he calls them, re‐purposing ‘detritus’ in order to ‘recontextualize’ its meaning.

The seventeen small scale sculptural constructions in All In All are based on a pattern system.
As Larsen states about the process, “I made geometric blocks and arranged them in ways that both
the small blocks and larger form are discernible. Then another pattern is overlaying the structure. There
are endless variations. Each piece starts to look like some sort of alien symbolic language, all the while
being an end to itself.”
A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ted Larsen has shown internationally since earning a B.F.A. from
Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ in 1986. Selected solo exhibitions since 2014 include; SP‐
Arte (Sao Paulo Art Fair) with PRIVATEVIEW Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2018); Art Rotterdam with PRIVATE
VIEW Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2018); Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (2017); Jack
Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, California (2017); Volta 13 with PRIVATEVIEW Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
(2017); The Old Jail Art Center (Cell Series), Albany, Texas (2016); Privateview Gallery, Torino, Italy (2016);
Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York, New York (2016); Robischon Gallery, Denver, Colorado (2015);
Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2014); Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, New
York (2014).

STEPHEN LAPTHISOPHON                                                                                                                               Scotoma

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by
Dallas‐based artist Stephen Lapthisophon. Lapthisophon’s show title is less an allusion to his partial‐
sightedness and more a philosophical reference to our collective blatant refusal to see what’s in front
of us; the intentional blind spot we create for ourselves to avoid the obvious.

The exhibition features a mixed media works on stretched canvas and works on paper. Lapthisophon’s
work is improvisational, the result of what’s happening in the moment in his studio. His pieces are loosely
made yet texture rich, employing paint, collage and any number of materials he has at hand. He’s
interested in the many different ways surfaces can be built and the textural qualities they manifest.
Lapthisophon’s inclusion of letter‐form materials represents the pop‐cultural, literary and political
consciousness of his headspace. The works are an homage to past‐ness, or the wear and tear of life.

Stephen Lapthisophon earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979.
Recent exhibitions include: Museo de la Ciudad Queretaro, Queretaro Mexico (2017); Sector 2337,
Chicago, IL (2016); Pilot Projects, Philadelphia, PA (2016); Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas TX (2015);
David Shelton Gallery, Houston TX (2015); Longhouse Projects, New York, NY (2014); the Dallas Museum
of Art, Dallas, TX (2013); Goss Michael Foundation, with DB14, Dallas, TX (2014); La Box, Bourges, France
(2014); Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark (2014), the sound art video festivak, Rostrum, Malmo,
Sweden (2014), Actual Size LA, Los Angeles, CA (2013), A Slender Gamut, NY, NY (2012), Hyde Park
Art Center, Chicago, IL (2011), El Escaparate,

Barcelona, Spain (2009), and Zagreus Projekt, Berlin, Germany (2008). Recent group exhibitions include,
Dallas Museum of Art,Dallas,TX (2012), SHOW Studio,London,UK (2011), and Archival Impulse, Gallery
400,University of Illinois Chicago,Chicago, IL (2011). His work has been written about in ARTFORUM,
Frieze, Art inAmerica, Art News, New Art Examiner, BOMB, and ART LIES. In 2014 Lapthisophon was
named one of the 100 Dallas Creatives by the Dallas Observer and one of the featured Dallas
40 in DMagazine. Lapthisophon is currently a senior lecturer in art and art history at The University
of Texas at Arlington.

MARCO QUERIN                                                                                                                                         Time Vault
Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of textile artist Marco Querin. Finding himself in
a life of constant change and adaptation, Marco Querin is intrigued by all that can be controlled. This
control is manifest in the fragility, tension, elasticity and equilibrium of his fiber‐based creations. Through
very precise execution, his work comes to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and an end.

“Long ago I taught myself an elementary way to control time ‐ blink once to pause my life, and blink
again to restart it. It was a simple escape mechanism permitting me to avoid pain. My blinking method
evolved and I started to actually focus on each slice of time itself, rather than on what may have
happened before or might happen after them. This show in the Project Room of Conduit Gallery is
happening right within this slice of time and space. It is a sort of time vault that I have opened, into
which I wish for you to enter, to slow down your own pace of life and to connect with your present.
And it will all be gone in a blink. Still and eternal.”

Marco Querin (b. 1978, Italy). Recent exhibitions include: The Future Past, Art+Space – Central State
Hospital, Indianapolis, IN, curated by Anne Surak (2016); There is a child in me!, iMOCA Indianapolis
Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN (2016); Ichinen, Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, IN (2015);
The Masks We Wear, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2013); Italian Artists in Monte Carlo, East
Wing X, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK (2012); Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy (2012); The Colors of
Women, Associazione Culturale Seragiotto ‐ Padua, Italy (2011); India Art Summit, StarkProjects, New
Delhi (2011); Quipus, Fiber Art Exhibition, Rossano, Italy (2010); Eastern and Western Traditions Linked
by a Washi Paper Thread, Tokyo, Milan (2010); linealineapuntolinea, SuperstudioPiù, curated by
Glores Sandri, Milan (2009); PLAZA ‐ 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall fall ‐ in collaboration with the
Foreign Consulates of Milan, J&G Art and Studiò Gallery, Milan (2009); Ttrame Astratte, Varart gallery ‐
curated by Vanna Razzolini Vichi, Florence (2008); FRIEZE ART FAIR, London (2008); and Cornice,
Venice International Art Fair, Venice, Italy (2007).

left to right: Marco Querin, Ted Larsen, Stephen Lapthisophon​