at 500X Gallery closes january 05  
by Todd Camplin

500X celebrates their 35 years with a clean and concise curation of thirty past
member artists. Over the years, past member celebrations and juried shows
tended to be cram packed with art. Though this style of exhibiting art has
its charm, I found this offering by 500X a very refreshing change.
The title of the show, Creative Differences, suggests that the works were quite distinct from one another,
but I did see a few works tapping into similar sensibilities. Tom Orr and Paul Booker comes to mind. Paul
Booker instantly captured my attention as you walk into the space. Classic Booker installation, but as
always, beautiful and mesmerizing as the little pinned mylar climbs up the wall like a vine. I have
always seen these pieces as a collection of drawings that happen to grow into an installation. Orr
also creates an installation sculpture, but Orr’s work plays tricks on your eyes as you walk past the
piece. Both artists play with transparency and layering to create engaging visual effects.
Booker, Orr, and Vance Wingate all employ minimal style in their work. Wingate had five 12 inch
square paintings, each appropriately titled Fleshy Gems and a number. These paintings appear
to be on the edge of still lifes and abstraction. The rock like objects in the composition take on a
fleshy quality. I like the grouping in this show, but I can image each work would stand alone as
a lone gem. Matthew Clark also offered a more standard minimal approach at first glance, but
his lines go off script and the shapes don’t quite follow your standard geometric shapes.

Another riff from this style of clean ordered artwork was Diane Sikes and her boxed up chaos. The
packages were fun little mixes of minimal and organic. Speeding Ticket by Simeen Farhet was also
organic in nature, but her cool color palette and sharp carved lines made the work feel related to
Booker’s installation. Farhet showed a small piece, displayed in a tough spot to show work in the
gallery. Yet, it was the first object I was enticed to get a closer look.
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Vance Wingate
Several artists in the show took on the minimalist approach, but in direct contrast, there were plenty