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at Holly Johnson Gallery through june 29
by Todd Camplin

Back around 2008, I remember running into a show of David Aylsworth at
Holly Johnson Gallery and I was a little shocked that he was showing there.
Sure the paintings referenced geometric forms, but Aylsworth was so informal
with his loose brush strokes and dripping paint, whereas I was used to very clean
minimalist type works from this gallery. But I was missing some key elements that
make his work a great fit to Johnson's sense of aesthetics
approaches. His work has tightened up a bit where the lines are sharper. However, Aylsworth
manages to give the surface some texture, which breaks any possibility for a hard edge.  Just
looking at the texture, you get a sense that you are not only looking at one painting, but rather
five or six attempts, until one surfaced as a final product. Much like an AbEx artist, Aylsworth
seems to be working out solutions to the paintings, right there on the canvas.
Like Aylsworth, these artists seem to be working out their ideas on the surface of their works.
They all are minimalist, but each one is stretching the language of this mode of painting.
40 x 36 inches