at the Dallas Contemporary opens April 9th
at Todd Camplin

After the last dumpster is filled with the remains of Loris Gréaud’s show at the Dallas Contemporary,
there will be room for something we can look forward to seeing. That is, of course, the works by
David Salle and Anila Quayyum Agha.
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David Salle was one of the first artists I identified with when I became aware of the greater art
world. On more than one painting I attempted to copy his style before looking for my own voice.
to win both prizes of the Artprize out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  And for good reason, that piece,
titled Intersection, is simply amazing and I can’t wait to see it installed at DC. Intersection is the
type of work that makes a room not just a room but an experience. Anila Quayyum Agha is
originally from Pakistan so some of the geometric iconography from Islamic culture runs through
this work. A light emanated from the center and the shadow of the patterns reflect on the wall.
I hope the DC will have a few of her drawings and paintings as well.

I failed to mention that Nate Lowman will also be showing, but I am deeply sceptical that his
work will inspire anything but more of the same shallow market art that is so prevalent at art
fairs nowadays. Lowman’s reloaded Pop has been historically soulless and his use of irony is
pretty weak. Yet, I could be pleasantly surprised, so I will cross my fingers and hope Lowman
has something thoughtful and interesting to offer for Dallas. This group of three artists will
show at the Dallas Contemporary starting on April 9th and run through August 23rd.
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