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Writing about interior design can be like singing about sculpture; it’s hard to capture the essence.
But looking at the designs of David Cadwallader makes you want to try. Since 1983, Cadwallader
has been turning his keen attention for interior designs for residential and contract clients with his
practice Cadwallader Design.
He pauses when asked the hallmarks of his style. “I think clarity and simplicity; harmonious
sensibility. I try to stay away from things that are trendy or would date, so most of my interiors hold
up for quite a while.” He offers the full range of design services and is located in the Dallas Design
District. He reflects on one of his favorite projects to date, the renovation and redesign of the ED
Stone house near
Park Lane and Meadowbrook Drive.
“It’s an incredible architectural house built in 1958, very iconic, and the clients were totally
dedicated to doing it right-- it was a true design partnership and that is always the best,” he said.
“It’s daring and very modern...very crisp and almost stark because of its strong lines, but the sense
of warmth and human scale of it is amazing.”
One secret to working with clients and their budgets he shared is going commercial. “I use a lot of
contract fabrics because they hold up well  and a lot of times you get much better value for the
dollar because you can spend a lot less per yard to get a durable, handsome textile.”
for more information or to contact Cadwallader Design:

Cadwallader Design
(214) 880-1777
1501 Dragon St, #103
Dallas, TX 75207

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