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Davon Speakers
"Goethe once said: 'in der Beschraenkung zeigt sich der Meister'.
The essence of this is that the best in class can be recognized by
their simple solutions to problems. And simplicity/minimalism is
what the Davone designs are about."  - Paul
Davone is the brain-child of Paul Schenkel: a degreed aeronautical engineer with a
masters in physics, a background in acoustics, and a deep passion for great
architecture and industrial design.

The RITHM, his first commercial loudspeaker project, is luxurious in both form and
function. It's sweeping curves of walnut-ply serve to make an elegant statement in
aesthetics as well as to create an ideal internal acoustic environment for the
loudspeaker. The result is an attractively demur piece of designer furniture that also
happens to be a technically accomplished loudspeaker.

"I have been building speakers all my life, just like many people in the audio industry,"
Paul confides.  "With my interest in classic design I have never understood (and I still
don’t) why there are no loudspeaker manufacturers that try something new with the
cabinet shape and yet keep it stylish, non technical, like the famous furniture design
classics. Often in furniture design magazines I can see that in the background of a very
stylish house there are speakers that clearly do not match the rest of the house."
the Davone RITHM. It's signature arcing bow was inspired by a combination of acoustic
properties and a keen appreciation for masters of design such as Oscar Niemeyer, Arne
Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Pierre Paulin, Charles and Ray Eames, Hans Wegner, and the
likes.  "Just like photographers might see the world through a camera's lens," Schenkel
explains, "I see objects and hear their music."

Indeed, the RITHM could easily stand alone as an architectural element in a beautifully
appointed modern room. At a mere 27" tall, it won't overcome a space, but its elegant
presence can't be denied.

For those concerned with all things Green, you'll be happy to know that Davone uses
only wood harvested from sustainable forests to make their RITHM loudspeaker.

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