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feaTured artist
My work as an artist has been developing for many years. After graduating
from  both the Parsons School of Design and  the U of Texas in Austin. Debbie
brought together aesthetic and conceptual ideas in art and design.
She works in  multimedia, which solidified her  computer skills and her
understanding of  how technology can play a role in the making of art.
The work she creates today  is a combination of ideas and techniques tha
t she has accumulated over time.

" It is a true reflection of my experience. Design, technology and popular
culture continue to be great influences. I am extremely interested in how
these things interact with the process of making fine art."
exploration of color brings energy and light.
images add form, content and balance.
layering gives depth and dimension.
art and design merge.
Before Debbie starts a new works, a tremendous amount of time is spent
gathering materials to have at hand, including; imagery, photographs,
words, patterns, graphic elements and color inspiration. It is a collage-like
process where new materials and elements are constantly being added to
the mix. Usually, by taking a series of photographs that become the basis for a
body of work. she explores the unique lines, movement and spatial relationships
found in architecture and in nature. Within her work she always considers things
like space, line, texture and energy. and builds images, piece by piece, in
layers, much like screen printing. When the elements are all in place, the work
flows effortlessly.
"I enjoy the creative process. I enjoy seeking out new ways to work. There is a
great deal of science and technical skill involved. It is this knowledge and
ability combined with passionate and spiritual aspects of art making that
create something special. I am in pursuit of making art the way I have to.
There really is no other way." - Debbie Klein
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