Featured Artist - Doug Cartmel      
Cartmel, Douglas-Areil (In Candle Light) 2006
- oil on linen -50 x 81 inches
Cartmel, Douglas - Pacifica (Cloud Flurl) - 2007
oil on titanium -10 x 12 1/4 inches
Cartmel, Douglas Areil - Details
At 32, Cartmel is the youngest and
newest addition to the gallery’s stable of
artists, and will mark his first solo exhibition
in Dallas. Painting realistically with an
emphasis on the naturally abstract,
Cartmel’s monochromatic painted
seascapes on titanium linger between
representation and where image breaks
into abstraction.
On a conceptual level, the
highly corrosive subject
matter battles it out with
equally resistant titanium.
Slightly hazy reflections and
foamy tides echo Gerhard
Richter’s photo-realist
paintings, both sharing an
affinity and tension with the
medium of photography.

A graduate of UT
Arlington’s architecture
program, Cartmel has
exhibited his work in
Texas, New Yor kand
California and currently
lives and works in Dallas. Tx
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