Elizabeth Owens Designs

Elizabeth Owens is an Arkansas native and has been painting since
1996.  She had her first solo exhibit in 2004 at the Dallas Public Library.  As
an Air Force “Brat” she has lived in different states throughout the US.  Her
inspiration and work has been driven by her thoughts on
death, mourning and the questions that arise from it.

Her education has been greatly influenced by acting and dancing.
Being exposed to flamenco performance, she finds inspiration and
hope in every aspect of art and cultural movements.
Owens has a B.A. in Art and Performance.  
She lives and works in downtown Dallas.
I seek expression without exploitation and poetry without sentimentality.

My latest body of work is a series of charcoal drawings that are abstractions of my
previous compositions, compositions that were inspired by mourning. The
mourning process has been like running aimlessly up and down a spiral
staircase…searching…watching smoke move like water over stain glass.
Yet my art has been more than working through loss, fear, and
depression. It is a sense of freedom and an appreciation of high contrast.
While there is a thematic vein to my work, it is not stylized.  There are artists
in many genres that have influenced my work: musicians, dancers,
actors. My favorite artists include Alex Katz, Kara Walker, Todd Camplin,
AC Abbott, Robert Deniro and John Pomara.  
Blues VI
Blues IV
Blues VI-2
Untitled 2007
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