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June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Emilie Duval - "Extremely Unlikely"
on view at Galleri Urbane through June 7.

Shooting a wild animal in cold blood for the sheer pleasure is in my mine and the artist's mind
and heart, heartless. Elk (a male can weigh over 700 pounds) is one of the largest species of
deer in the world and one of the largest land mammals in the continental US,  

(for example: over 200,000 inhabit and migrate in Yellowstone and surrounding national forests.)
Wolf and coyote packs, solitary cougars, bears and hunters are the elk's predators. Elk who
are vegetarians are cruelly held in captivity, farmed for hunting or "canned" hunts.

"Dearest friends," ribbon on canvas, 20 x 24 inches
“Threads of Ambiguity,” 2011 ribbons, wood sculpture
As art objects, Emilie’s elk, moose and big horn sheep each pointedly provide an obvious
message. The distorted but purposefully recognizable images - animals heads - are 1) either
placed on a wood plaque to display a taxidermist’s version for the hunter to show as a
trophy with their heads wrapped in layers of ribbon and rope, 2) proudly posed in an
imaginary completely out of context encapsulating picture frame or 3) unrealistically
staged tied up in a range of forest trees painted on the surrounding walls of an enclosed,
escape-proof range or space.
The bright paint colors misleadingly create a spirited atmosphere in the circumstances of
a tragic environment; the ink drawings reinforce the fragility in each painted portrait
creating a duality inside of the threat while the tape-like ribbon indicates a close
controlling human presence. This reverse vision represents how organized human
societies’ freedom of spirit can also be overwhelmed or threatened.
Proud to be me - 2011 - Acrylic, ink and ribbons on canvas  - 24x24 in.
Emilie who was born in Paris in 1974, received a BFA at the prestigious École du Louvre
and lives now a long way from Paris, not Paris, Texas but in Beaumont, Texas. She’s been
a finalist twice for the Hunting Art Prize, shown in a group show at the Dallas
Contemporary, twice in New American Talent at Arthouse, in The Big Show at the
Lawndale Art Center, in the Texas Biennial and in Gallerie Urbane in Marfa.
Galleri Urbane in Dallas
2277 Monitor St
Dallas, Tx  75206
432 386 0590

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