the fall art scene
by Todd Camplin

In order visit all the best openings in the metroplex, you might want get an early start.
I can't even give you a top 5 in DFW alone because so many galleries put their best
on for the unofficial fall season. Seven of the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas
(CADD) member galleries are opening. New member, Mary Tomás Gallery will be
opening with works by (Kandinsky/early Mondrian style) artist Johannes Boekhoudt.
R02 Gallery will be ending the Chaos show this weekend too, which is worth a
second look. With all that work, you are bound to have missed a gem..
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to see more work. Especially for the Cecil Touchon show at William Campbell Contemporary Art.
Once again, another artist that uses words, but broken and deconstructed to a point where the
beauty of the curves and lines of individual letters can truly be appreciated. I don’t know what
ArtSpace 111 has in store, but a show titled pARTy has to have something good and not just for
the drinks and party favors. If I can find a parking space not outrageously expensive, I might
even visit the Fort Worth Community Art Center to see their drawing show. Honestly, where are
you supposed to park for free or even cheap near that place? By the way, all these spaces
belong to their own gallery organization called the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association which
has their fall gallery night this weekend on the 12th.

Sure you will be tired from seeing so much art, but trust me, it will be worth it. A weekend of
binging on galleries is a perfect way to start a monthly habit, because once you catch
the gallery hopping bug, you won’t want to give it up.
oil on canvas, 50 x 50 inches
Tom Orr at Barry Whistler is a must see. His optical play with material continues to capture my
attention and admiration. Simon Bilodeau would pair well in a show with Orr and his show is
across town at Circuit 12 Contemporary. I reviewed a show by Robert Baramian at Conduit
a year or so back and I was surprisingly taken by his highly symbolic work. Baramian uses the
look of the collaged image in his painting to reengage images for new meanings. Based on
his last show, I have high hopes for this one. Galleri Urbane Dallas and Holly Johnson Gallery
will host mesmerizing detailed artists. Jessica Drenk takes ordinary objects, multiplies them,
and then makes something beautiful and new. Matthew Cusick is cutting up maps,
newspapers, etc. to make complex images of people and landscapes. I look forward
to seeing these artists’ work up close and personal.
galleries are also making a splash this weekend. ModArtists Gallery will be celebrating their one
year anniversary this weekend as a new member of DADA. They will be launching a Group Show
with works from their collective of artists including works by Steve Uriegas, Lisa Ehrich, Michael
Lyon, and Nan Phillips.  UTD’s CentralTrak will have a performance of words, sounds and
ideas, and this has got me intrigued. I will have to swing by at 2PM to see what these
CalArts people are doing. I will be honest, I am  not enticed to visit Samuel Lynne Gallery
that often, but every now and then they at least  make me curious. I might have to see
their show with Bernie Taupin. I guess I am a sucker for artists that use words in some of
their work.  

Jessica Drenk - Galleri Urbane
Paladin, 2015
Carpet, mirrored aluminum
24" x 144" x 84"