by Todd Camplin

Finally, the art season is gearing up again. The beginning of September will have two
consecutive weeks of multiple gallery openings. This first weekend will have an array
of shows I am looking forward to visiting which include Cris Worley, Conduit, Galleri
Urbane, Holly Johnson, R02, Photo Don't Bend Gallery aka PDBG, and William
Campbell Contemporary in Fort Worth to name a few.
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Normally I am not so excited to see the opening season of shows. However, this has been a
particularly dry summer season for shows in Dallas, so I was hoping the new season would sweep
in some fresh works. What is fresh is photography. A mini photofest emerged with PDBG showing
Geof Kern photos, Cris Worley Fine Arts featuring photographer David Fokos, and Galleri Urbane
showing photos by Brett Weston. Geof Kern’s photos play in the language created by the
modern and contemporary artists. Weston at Galleri Urbane looks completely different from
any other show I have seen there. I’m still a bit skeptical that I will enjoy the show, because
so many photographers have taken the Weston style and slapped it on mass produced
commercial items. David Fokos at Cris Worley, on the other hand, reminds me a little bit of
Sarah Williams’ night paintings. Quiet, desolate, dark, sometimes minimal quality is very
attractive. However, it does seem that Fokos’ photos are trying a little too hard to be iconic.
Then again, when I visit the shows, I might completely change my viewpoint.
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Brooks Oliver: Ceramic Magic - Selections from MFA Exhibition and Annual Pottery Sale
Claire Colette, Clearing, 2014,  graphite on paper, 12x9"
Another unusual show is Brooks Oliver’s two day ceramic show at R02’s Magnolia Gallery. Call
me crazy, but I love it when a gallery brings in a ceramic show for a few days. I remember a
great show in Philadephia I happened upon, years ago. The gallery let a potter come in and
take over the place for a few days and then it was back to paintings and sculptures. Waco’s
Croft Gallery did it as well.

Out of all the shows coming out this fall season, I think Claire Colette’s show in the main gallery
at Conduit, and Holly Johnson Gallery’s presentation of Tommy Fitzpatrick will resonate with
me the most. Colette’s simple graphite lines haunt me. I feel vulnerable, mortal just looking
at examples of her work, so I have high expectations for seeing them in person. I also can’t
image Fitzpatrick disappointing me. I have seen a great deal of his work, and I look forward
to the further development of his ideas.
Some galleries are continuing their shows from summer. Talley Dunn Gallery is showing the
collection of Sonny Burt and Bob Butler. Cohn Drennan Contemporary has a print show that
works well in the new gallery space. The non-commerical space of Haggerty Art Gallery at
the University of Dallas will open this Friday with an interesting pairing of Vesna Jovanovic
and Jayne Lawrence, but most galleries will open on September 6th, Saturday night.
Hope to see you then.