opens at 500x on April 11th
by Todd Camplin

It is rare that I mention a show in which I also happen to be participating, but in this case, I don’t feel
so bad, because so many other artists are showing with me. I am writing about the Family Ties Brooklyn/
Dallas show at 500x. The concept and curation was cooked up by Brooklyn based painter Julie Torres and
Dallas artist Bonny Leibowitz. The number of artists is a staggering 120 individuals. Because the wall space
of 500x is rather large, I imagine the show will not be too similar to the classic RO2’s Chaos exhibition.
And because it is curated, this should be more focused than a MAC member show. Still it will be a
lot of work and much like the Hunting Art Prize, only one art piece will represent the artist.
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Conceptually the show should be an interesting dialog with New York artists and the artists that
show in Dallas. I think borders were not particularly strict when it comes to defining a Dallas or
Brooklyn artist, but a wide net opens up a broader conversation. I also think this type of show is
perfect for the weekend of the Dallas Art Fair, because at an art fair, you are bombarded with
image after image which are tied to separate booths and generally no real themes. Family Ties is
attempting to tie two communities together, but still adding to the mass amount of art on display
this weekend. Family Ties is not competing with the fair, but rather complimenting by giving an
alternative voice. It could be interesting see partnerships like this reoccuring on an annual or
biennial basis.
William Eckhardt Kohler -  Late Light 2014  oil on linen, 20 x 16 inches
I would like to shine a light on a few of the artists that will have work in the show. Ann Glazer is a
local who had a strong show of cut-out abstract works at the MAC a while back. Her gesture
drawings have quite a bit of energy, so I look forward to seeing her piece. Out of Brooklyn, I see
Austin Thomas as potentially having a stand-out piece. I like the drawings I saw from his website.
I just hope the work represents well. David T. Miller’s paintings reminded me of Julon Pinkston’s
paintings, who is also in the show, but T. Miller’s work is a little less wild with the application of
paint. Maybe Susan Carr is a better comparison to Pinkston. Thick paint just drips off both of
their works.  Douglas Florian and Ben Pritchard use repetition to maximize the viewer’s
experience with their use of lines and shapes. I relate well to their rhythmic images.
Family Ties opens at 500x on April 11th, Saturday. The complete list of artists include: Albert
Weaver, Alex Paik, Alexis Granwell, Ann Glazer, Anne Russinof, Ashley Garrett, Austin Thomas,
Bailey K Chapman, Becky Yazdan, Ben Pritchard, Ben Terry, Bonny Leibowitz, Brett Dyer, Brian
Edmonds, Caetlynn Booth, Cande Aguilar, Cecilia Salama, Chance Dunlap, Christina Tenaglia,
Christopher Moss, Christopher Rose, Claudia Tienan, Daniel John Gadd, David Michael Connolly,
David T. Miller, Deanna Wood, Douglas Florian, Elizabeth Gourlay, Elizabeth Riley, Ellen Letcher,
Emily Berger, Enrico Gomez, Eric Mavko, Erica Stevens, Fran Holstrom, Fred Gutzeit, Georgia Elrod,
Ginny Casey, Giovanni Valderas, Gwendolyn Plunkett, James Prez, Jamie Powell, Jason Rohlf,
Julon Pinkston, Jay Henderson, Jeanne Neal, Jeff Parrott, Jennifer Shepard, Jenny Leigh Jones,
Jill Vasileff, Joan Mellon, John Kesling, Jonathan Cowan, Julia L Trinh, Julia Schwartz, Julie
Alexander, Julie S. Graham, Karen Schifano, Karl Bielik, Karla Areli, Katherine Mojzsis, Kevin
Andrew Curran, Ky Anderson, Kyle Gallup, Lael Marshall, Lauren Collings, Leeza Meksin, Leslie
Kerby, Liz Ainslie, Liz Atzberger, MaDora Frey, Maria Britton, Marian Brunn Smith, Mary Judge,
Matthew Neil Gehring, Maxwell Stevens, Mayra Barraza, Meg Atkinson, Melissa Capasso,
Melissa Staiger, Michael Frank Blair, Nancy Ferro, Paul Behnke, Peggy Epner, Phillip J. Mellen,
Polly Shindler, Rachael Gorchov, RE Cox, Rebecca Litt, Rebecca Murtaugh, Roberto Munguia,
Ryan Goolsby, Ryan Michael Ford, Sally Warren, Sean Montgomery, Stephen B. MacInnis,
Suhee Wooh, Susan Carr, Susan Cheal, Teresa Ekasala, Todd Camplin, Vicki Owen, Vicki Sher,
Wendy Klemperer, Will Hutnick, William Crump, William Eckhardt Kohler, William Lawler,
and Zak Vreeland

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