at WAAS Gallery through January 3rd
by Todd Camplin

I finally made my long over due visit to WAAS Gallery. What I found was a compound with a two story
gallery space and a separate building with their office/storage space. The office space is basically
backroom for the gallery. It was populated by your run of the mill domesticated graffiti art and Gen
X/Y-Pop. If I had started in the office, I might not have had the power to reach the main gallery.
However, WAAS Gallery’s solo show of Francesca Bifulco’s paintings captured and repelled me so
much that I haven’t stopped thinking about the show for weeks.
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I started downstairs viewing Bifulco’s shaped canvas which I now know is her signature mark
making of long slashes of paint. To be honest, I couldn’t quite get on board with these works.
I thought the works were too simple and almost avant garde decorative. It didn’t really sink in
that this was part of an overall style Bifulco was exploring, but this idea became very evident
when I went upstairs and saw her more representative pieces. Bifulco was using these slash
marks to create images of people and scenes. I had to give the abstract works downstairs a
second look and consideration.
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Bifulco’s collect of crowds upstairs is incredibly engaging. I found myself smirking at her humorous,
yet poignant depiction of people on cell phones in groups. Titles like, The People I May Know and

Thinking about crowds brings me around to her style of painting. Bifulco has a clear method and
style to her work that doesn’t distract from her content, yet isn’t arbitrary either. I see her splashes