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George Lacy has shown in galleries in London, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami.

I think color is amazing. I love colors. I almost don't care what the subject matter is
as long as I like the colors. I like to use some sort of literal imagery too because it ads
visual and mental texture. And it creates a mysterious narrative all on its own. Some
of the work might have a message loosely based on some emotion or idea that was
present with when it was created, but I don't want to be obvious and heavy
handed with any 'meaning'. That kills a piece for me if I see that.
The work is also a diary of sorts as it is a record of my life and what was happening
when I created it. I have to pull the inspiration from somewhere and that place is
from my internal world of emotion and ideas stemming from dealing with external
influences that swim around in me and conversely I swim around in them.

I'm interested in historical reference and time as a concept and that plays into
creating my work. Building on layers gives a sense of historical events, like a
billboard that has peeled revealing previous postings. Our daily lives are a lot
like that. One day builds on another, some things are erased and some things
in our past are never quite covered.
Process - In creating the work there is a lot of back and forth communication that
goes on as I work. Accidents, deliberate actions and my reactions guide and direct
what happens next while I'm working. I work on a piece until I'm happy with the
way it looks. It's undefinable exactly why you like something but the more you
question why, the better the art seems to get and then sometimes you don't have to
ask why you just do it and it all works out. We live in a very random world and I like
to utilize that randomness as I work.

Influences - the usual art school fare, but I'm also strongly influenced by ideas of
artists as well as their particular artistic styles. Reading and hearing statements by
artist such as Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauchenberg, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miles Davis,
and John Lennon, as they talk about their art has been important. Their
observations have had as much effect on the approach to my work as seeing and
hearing their art work.

I think I really only have one rule in making art - Can I live everyday with what I've
done?" If I can, I feel I've succeeded in my pursuit of creativity. If not, I need to keep
working on it or start over.
My work is not about illusion.

The work represents actions of the moment, cognitive relationships between
objects, combined with the perception of time verses the persistence
of the moment.

Titles come from my own reactions to each piece as I work, or they can come
from a completely random source. The title only serves as an additional visual
cue and not a specific reference to solve any visual meaning to the piece.

Each piece is what it is. It doesn't have to make sense.

"Make art while you're alive - because you can't make art when you are dead"


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