I explored different mediums and began painting on a  larger scale with murals and trompe l'oeil.  
In 2001, I continued to  reach deeper within myself to  imagine the world and my art in a hyper
realistic, slightly surreal style.  I was launched into what was a  perfect fit between my minds eye
and the canvas, and I created enough  to produce my first show, which was held in Dallas at the
Boyd Gallery.
Ying and Yang
acrylic on canvas 40 by 30 inches
Finding Your Marbles
acrylic on panel 12 by 12 inches
I continued trying to produce art and work within the design  industry until the summer of 2006
when I made the professional  decision to pursue my artistic career full time.  Since, my style has  
continued to veer toward the surreal. I am producing paintings and  sculptural collage works that
I describe as organic surrealism. I am combining the natural with the artificial to create synthetic
"Contemporary Realism" by Ginger Fox

The painting style of Dallas Artist Ginger Fox has been influenced by  the Dutch still life painters' use
of light and shadow. In addition,  Fox has played on the idea of the Surrealist school of painting. In
Fox's paintings the viewer is drawn to a familiar subject matter and  is invited to interpret his own
reality. Through the familiar, Fox  presents a surreal idea through placement (almost suspension) on
the canvas, using light and shadow as an additional tool. The viewer's  psyche believes that his
eyes see is "real". Ginger Fox's abstract  art is also a very popular painting style in addition to her

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