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Gisa Elwazir
March 1-24, 2018
Song of the Fallen 1, 2018
Decalcomania, gouache, ink on paper
42 x 26 inches
(Photograph by Michelle Elwazir)
Haley-Henman proudly announces Gisa Elwazir’s newest series of paintings titled, Facades. These paintings
are part of her continuing collection of organic abstractions. The artist will receive visitors at Open Studio
516 on Saturday, March 3 from 5-8 pm. An artist conversation will be on Saturday, March 10 at 3 pm.
Other visits may be arranged by calling or texting Haley-Henman at 214-532-3225.

Gisa Elwazir says, “The title Facades is drumming up the Trump era by questioning Fake News, Human
Rights Survival, the means of being Evangelical, the further Denigrating of Politicians and Women
Rights issues. It is befitting the title by way of interpreting Facade, which means ‘Face’ meaning of
the front or face of a building, but alternatively Facade can also be connected to Fake, which
would mean something superficial or a misinterpretation that is used to conceal something.
It shouts out: Appearance, Show, How it looks! But Facade is more than meets the eye.”

The artist invites us to look behind the Facade, to go and feel what you see. She visually captivates
us by using organic abstraction with its seemingly indefinite choices of color, play of form, inventions
of textures, creative patterns and layered perspectives. The first visual approach becomes a personal
perception of a Facade. The manner by which we travel beyond the Facade determines what we
can see and understand. Some Facades resonate the experiences beyond the entrance, while
others ring empty with a fake and faulty ring.

These paintings continue to honor Elwazir’s spiritual mentor Max Ernst. His interpretation of Artist, as
being the master of certain techniques, processes and mechanisms of consciousness, is at the very
center of her own practice. She believes in the power of Mechanisms of Poetic Imagination, viewing
herself as medium, as onlooker of her work in progress.