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Saul Waranch
Visions of Lough Swilly: Lake of Shadows
September 7 - 30, 2017
Mist Over Blue Mountain
Oil on board
25 1/4 x 13 1/2 inches
Haley-Herman proudly presents Saul Waranch’s third solo exhibition titled, Visions of Lough Swilly: Lake of
Shadows. Waranch travelled with his family to the north of Ireland during the summer of 2016. They rented
a house, a few miles from Port Salon, built on a small promontory facing west side of Louth Swilly, one of the
three Irish fjords formed by glaciers during the last ice age. The surrounding countryside featured a private
beach, a cave and the famous Fanad Head Lighthouse. However, what Waranch appreciated even
more were the views from their house, especially since a foot injury curtailed any long walks.
As he contemplated the natural beauty of the Fanad Hills, he started drawing as he does everyday. For six
days he filled his sketchbooks with graphite drawings capturing the contou of lines, spaces and forms. His
memory formed visual impressions of rapidly changing colors as the landscape interacted with the weather.
Back in his studio at the Shamrock Hotel, Waranch started his process of merging his drawings into paintings
that brought forth his memories of light and color. The paintings are oil and mixed media on canvas or
wood panels with saturated color field and nuanced layering. In this sense, he references Color Field artists
such as Rothko, Frankenthaler, Kelly and Motherwell, among many others. But in other respects, Waranch
keeps the gesture, the mark, as an important element in these works, with references to English artists, such
as Ben Nicholson, Ivon Hitchens, Alexander McKenzie, and Howard Hodgkins. For Waranch these art
references are memories that commingle with his memories of Lough Swilly.