Gallery 422 at The Workroom
422 Singleton Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75212
Located in the new Trinity Groves area of West Dallas
Hours:  Wednesday though Sunday, noon to 5 pm
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Angelia Ford’s
Solo Exhibition
Angelia Ford’s “Stay a Little Longer” graphite and encaustic on paper, 42x46 inches
Angelia Ford’s third solo exhibition presents a series of mixed media drawings using graphite and encaustic
(wax) to revisit ” …Conversations I have had with homeless men and women, friends and loved ones to
capture the spirit of the person that makes such a difference in the world.” Haley-Herman is particularly
pleased that Ford’s exhibition will be held when we begin to celebrate the Holidays with Thanksgiving, and
coincides with Project Elf Dallas. This will be their fourth annual fundraiser held at The Workroom. Project Elf is
a group of volunteers working to support families or individuals who are transitioning out of homeless shelters.
Admission is through the front door of the gallery and then into the Workroom by donating a $35 gift card
on Saturday, November 11. As Ford says, Words Matter. Connections matter. In a world full of chaos, a few
Sinfle words and deeds can have an impact that may linger for years.