at Galleri Urbane through september 08
by Todd Camplin

For over 100 years, abstract art has increasingly reached the masses and has made in roads on
gaining acceptance from the masses. Some, like the Russian Constructivists, attempted to make
a universally understood type of art through abstraction which promptly failed to meet their
utopian idealism, but they left a legacy that influenced artists with great aspirations for
abstraction. Kandinsky showed abstraction as an imaginative exploration of the unseen world.
In the 1950’s here in the US, artists wanted to show their authentic selves through gestures of
painterly expressions. In the 1960’s, minimalist artists attempted to reduce as many design
elements as possible and still achieve an aesthetic experience. So, what is abstract art saying
today. A lot of noise or poor abstract art is being made, but a great deal of interesting voices
are also chiming to the conversation of abstraction. You might say, looking at all the different
kinds of abstract art being made right now is like listening to an orchestra warming up. If you
can focus in on an artist or two, the noise dies away.
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Brent Hallard
form of art has been developing. Galleri Urbane will have these artists up until September 8th.
Also worth mentioning from the show are Matthew Craig, Brent Hallard, Lori Larusso, Danny
Rose, and Loring Taoka.
Keith Allyn Spencer
This summer had a great deal of abstract art group and solo shows. Right now Galleri Urbane has
a show titled, Here and Now, which features some of those interesting voices. In fact, I would say
Danny Rose
contemporary art to take a form or style and reconceptualize it in an irreverent way. Not
that Laszczynski doesn’t respect the past abstractionist, but I don’t think she over internalizes
her paintings like an AbEx artist would. Rather, she has the benefit of Pop and all the other
reactions to those overly serious and heroic people. I see her mixing up serious and fun to
blend out wild experiments in paint. Obsession is another good way to create abstract art
Lori Larusso