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at Webb Gallery
by Todd Camplin

Next month, I will be visiting Waco. Maybe I will visit the Martin Museum of Art or the Art Center
of Waco, but before I get there I will have to make a stop along the way. Because the Webb
Gallery in Waxahachie has a show that I need to see. Their show titled Hinterland is a group
show that includes Rich Cali, Anthony Dominguez, Dan Phillips, Robert Ryan, and Prince Zaar.
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Prince Zaar’s line drawing will be the feature artwork for me. He has been building around his
practice a kind of metaphysical philosophy. The drawings are suppose to be a manifestation
of his philosophical musings. I hope I get a transcendent feeling from his work when I stand in
front of it. For now, I am at least intrigued.

Rob Ryan uses words as a visual element in his work, which also resonates with me. Ryan was
trained at the Royal College of Art in London in printmaking, so he is an insider of sorts. His style
on the other hand doesn’t follow the academic norms. You might say he is more akin to a
quirky graphic designer. Only he is writing autobiographical and humorous anecdotes.

Hinterland implies the idea that these artists are on the outside of the norm. Or maybe hinterland
implies outside the urban center. The Webb Gallery’s focus is artists that are labeled as untrained
or outside the academic structure. Stylistically, these artists don’t seem to fit in a curated show.
Each of their voices stand out on their own, and I hope don’t drown out each other.
Prince Zaar
One could argue that styles converge a bit with the works of Rich Cali, Anthony Dominguez, and
Dan Phillips. Though, Phillips’ works resemble the Chicago Imagist style more so than the other two.
Phillips plays with images that use exaggerated thick and thin shapes. Cali and Dominguez use
graphic illustration style. Cali’s subjects are more about studies of objects whereas Dominguez
makes narrative works. I say they all converge in style because all three employ the idea that
illustration and fine art are not in a hierarchy. Rather illustration as a style can be fine art.

Really, I need any flimsy excuse to visit Webb Gallery, because I like the Waxahachie Victorian
houses and I love the Webb Gallery. They provide a vision unique to the DFW area. See the
show Hinterland which runs through August 6th.
Ambreen Butt. Installation view of What is left of me, 2017.
Photo by Kevin Todora
Dig A Hole
Anthony Dominguez
Robert Ryan
Untitled by Rich Cali