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by Todd Camplin

Hot and Wet at Circuit 12 Contemporary, which closes this weekend and 30 Years at Barry Whistler
Gallery, which closes the next weekend has some of the best contemporary paintings on display
Paintings from Houston based artists populate the walls of Circuit 12 Contemporary. Alika Herreshoff
is showing this wonderful mainly blue and black piece that seems to glisten as you walk past it.
Normally that glitter look turns me off, but somehow, Herreshoff has sold me on it at least for this
particular abstraction. Made because I am seeing a kind of tongue in cheek Rothko in this piece.
Herreshoff’s style could best be described as Pop Color Field painting.
Hot and Wet Installation at Circuit 12
further pushes his boundaries with his play of the digital look of the hard edge style painting with of
street tagging and clean design. Nathan Green’s messy gradient painting seems to glow past the
boundaries of his rectangle canvas. It must be the colors and splashed that give the work so much
sculpture, Lorraine Tady’s drawing or at Circuit 12 Contemporary, Angel Oloshove’s painted
object. However, the paintings kept in my mind and made me want to learn more about these
artists. Gave me hope that Circuit 12 Contemporary might keep a good relationship with the
Houston artists and develop more shows with them. And with Barry Whistler Gallery, I was left
wanting to see more from these artists as well as feeling that I will likely see something exciting
and new at his design district space. All I can say now is that I feel optimistic about the state
of painting and the people making them.

30th Anniversary Exhibition - Barry Whistler Gallery
Valerie Brennan - Peach 2015
Hot and Wet Installation at Circuit 12