Eric Eley, John Frost, and Ryder Richards
at RO2ART - Uptown through September 3
by Todd Camplin     

The greatest "import" to Dallas Texas is it's artists. Eric Eley, John Frost, and Ryder
Richards are all transplants to Dallas and Ro2art Uptown Gallery at West Village
has an excellent group show of their work titled "Import". Intellectual, deceptive,
simplistically crafted work but high on concept; gallery artist Ryder Richards found  
the perfect artists pairing to his work. I found it interesting that their personal stories
of coming to or returning to Dallas also united these artists.    
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John Frost - The Fall
The first time I saw John Frosts' work was at the Old Jail Art Center, way out in Albany, TX.
I was impressed with the repetition of simple forms. Some of those pieces were in the Ro2
“import” show, like the little houses being pushed by a broom, titled “Wake”, which
reminds one of the wastefulness of urban sprawl. And from his statement, I am sure
my assumption is pretty close to his meaning. Frosts' work communicates ideas of
excessiveness and the magnitude of our, global and polluted predicament, through
repetition of objects.
Eric Eley -  Peigneur1 dry pigment, ink, color perncil, acrylic, graphite on paper - 30" x 44"
Eric Eley creates a digital referenced world made through paintings and sculptures. I see a
mix of muted colors referencing objects from a Tron like movie, or maybe scenes from an old
Atari flight simulator. Whatever is really there, Eley uses geometric shapes with incredible skill
and movement, that as an observer, I find hard breaking away from his works. Not to be
crass with description, but Eleys' mixed media sculpture, “Distant Blast” is just plain cool.
The thin red strings don’t just accent the quirky stand that holds this city like structure on
the top but these strings seem to bring a computer-aided design and drafting program to life.
Incursion I  & Incursion  II  - Gun Powder Graphite Gold Leaf on Paper - 15x22
Ryder Richards 7mm super gold leaf, copperleaf gunpowder graphite on paper artwork is
elegant in design and shape. I was intrigued by his mixture of leafing and the application
of gunpowder.  His process leaves behind a highly graphic effect contrasted by a more
random roughness. Richards work reminds me of Baroque Art, because these images seem
to directly reference Classical Antiquities.
John Frost - wake
Ryder Richards_Thug Life - Connected
Some of the best art exhibitions are those organized by artists. And when I first saw these three
artists together at Ro2, I didn’t fully understand John Frost and Eric Eleys' relationship to Ryder
Richards work, but I knew Richards intended for us to draw a connection.  After further
investigation of Richards past work, the relationships became clearer. With fresh eyes, I
came back to the images and objects at Ro2 and I saw the intellect connection along
with the connective craft of the work. This is the type of show that you look and then look
again, because you are going to miss something the first time.

Ro2 Art UPTOWN at West Village - 3699 McKinney Ave., Ste. 310 Dallas, Texas 75204
Gallery Open Monday-Friday 11-7, Sunday 12-6

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